Mummy’s not so little helpers

Forget your pride and yourself proud.


I thought of myself as a bit of a supermum after having my first child. He was fed on homemade purรฉes, his socks matched his outfits and my house was as clean as whistle. (I was an arrogant cow, I know). Then baby two came along and I couldn’t microwave a meal, I couldn’t even match my socks to each other and the house was made up of unwashed clothes and dishes.

It was partly having two children, two dogs, a husband working long, labouring days and me recovering from a serious infection that caused the aforementioned shift in my motherhood. But it was mainly a creeping postnatal depression and lack of support that totally anialated my coping skills. It looked bleak.

Then Homestart came along and I couldn’t believe my luck. I attended their baby groups and my eldest loved it. He would run, play and do crafts. I could tend solely to my newborn for the first time and not have to make small talk to loads of mothers. No pretence. No judging. Just help, however you needed it. They gave me the push I needed to arrange counselling and even helped with childcare so I could attend. I don’t know what I’d have done without them. I wouldn’t be writing this, that’s for sure.

Ive been asked if I will write about this amazing charity and promised I would. It’s the least I can do until I can commit more time to volunteer to help others. I hope if anyone else struggles, they now will look for a local Homestart or other groups that might help them. You never know what will come of it, just make the move. I’ve never looked back.


When you’re struggling to cope and finding it hard,

when you’re down, hopeless and crying ย tears,

if you can open yourself up and let down your guard,

you’ll be able to count on a group of volunteers.


A special group of people who really want to help,

they want you to be your best, not just cope,

you’ll come to groups where you can be yourself,

you can talk of your worries and have hope.


Singing and stories, watching the children play,

you have time with your youngest, one to one,

“take your time and don’t worry” the leader will say,

” just come join the children when you’re done”.


The time has been invaluable and just what we need,

the chat, the crafts, playing with your eldest,

” please can’t we stay longer?!” He will plead,

he hopes time with the leader will be endless.


But alas, we must go but we’ll be back next week,

where we’ll run and chase and do more drawing,

they’ll read and then play hide and seek,

not a week goes by that is ever boring.


Thank you to all Homestart Groups. Especially Carol ๐Ÿ˜˜.

Em ๐Ÿ’™


2 thoughts on “Mummy’s not so little helpers

  1. Well done Em.
    Not just for the lovely poem, not just for the excellent advice, not just for helping others in the same situation as you. But for coming out the other side. For finding the help, for accepting the help, and for sticking with it.

    Well done!
    I’m going to make you a medal! ๐Ÿ™‚


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